The repository is a central database of certificates and documents related to the operation of the Signet Certification Authority.

CA Certficates

Old Corporate Infrastructure
Note: After May 19, 2023, no certificates are issued from this hierarchy.
Name Certificate hash Format
Signet - RootCA SHA-1: 23:a0:61:c3:ed:f2:5a:e2:c6:a9:2c:6c:d5:0c:4b:51:ff:6d:33:0c SHA256: 0e:94:6d:a8:60:34:50:e0:cf:35:91:1f:73:c2:06:d1:82:6d:c2:a9:53:01: a5:3c:1c:d9:d2:af:86:58:cf:cc DER PEM
CA TELEKOMUNIKACJA POLSKA (sha256) SHA-1: 78:38:cc:9e:6e:b0:58:68:11:ce:eb:38:3b:c8:ee:92:a1:cb:f3:2f SHA256: eb:fb:2e:19:68:69:ee:d2:0b:40:67:37:ec:fd:2b:56:c0:ae:e9:41:9f:ba: 4e:be:33:7a:f3:3e:0e:75:b1:40 DER PEM
New Corporate Infrastructure
From May 20, 2023, all certificates are issued from this hierarchy.
Name Certificate hash Format
Signet Root CA2 SHA-1: 6e:7c:9a:75:39:97:be:51:14:27:0b:6c:02:58:5f:70:0c:17:c0:72 SHA256: c4:9d:b3:ea:0b:43:2a:54:4a:2f:c6:e2:6f:66:3d:67:c0:90:39:dd:49:4d: 7d:1b:e5:a6:5d:57:11:de:8b:85 DER PEM
Orange Polska CA SHA-1: ec:86:50:55:f3:40:96:89:70:f7:a2:87:27:2c:58:7d:95:8e:6b:b6 SHA256: df:5b:a1:a8:d0:37:30:04:47:38:02:c9:de:4c:68:df:6b:6b:b1:a9:19:4c: 35:e4:ca:9e:0a:4c:30:00:4b:61 DER PEM
A certificate package containing the full path PKCS7 TXT
ZIP archive with certificates from both corporate paths with Subject Hash.
Used by e.g. Apache in the SSLCACertificatePath directive for certificate authentication.

Certificate Revocation Lists (CRL):

Old Corporate Infrastructure
Name URL
Signet - Root CA
New Corporate Infrastructure
Name URL
Signet Root CA2
Orange Polska CA<

Certification Policies

Old Corporate Infrastructure
Root CA File
Root CA Certification Policy
CA Telekomunikacja Polska File
Bezpieczna Poczta Telekomunikacja Polska CA Certification Policy
New Corporate Infrastructure
Signet Root CA2 Plik
Signet Root CA2 Certification Policy
Orange Polska CA File
Bezpieczna Poczta Orange Polska Certification Policy

Certification Practice Statement

Certification Practice Statement describes the operational steps taken by the Signet Certification Authority in issuing and managing certificates. Please send all comments and opinions on the Certification Practice Statement to the following address: Politics Committee - email:

Nazwa Plik
Certification Practice Statement


The archival repository containing documents from the period of operation of the SIGNET Certification Authority in the structures of TP INTERNET is available at